Friday, July 21, 2006


As I prepare to leave for this missions trip, the Lord is really working on me. I’m not complaining, I want Him to point out the areas where I need to change. Didn’t I end yesterdays post with “Change my heart O Lord?”

As I approached the entrance of Ross, an older gentleman who was standing next to the door, opened it so I could go in. I thanked him, wondering if he worked for the store.

When I checked out I asked the cashier about him and she said he wasn’t an employee, that he collected the carts and opened the door of his own free will.

In my town, many people ask for money. Some boldly with outstretched hand. Others sit quietly in the shadows lifting up appealing eyes. This man had not asked me for money, but I knew that he would appreciate a tip and he looked like he could use the money.

So, on my way out, I quickly slipped him some money. Instantly he offered me something, which I waved away as I turned to leave. As I did, I caught a look of pain in the man’s eye. I knew I’d been rude and unappreciative and treated him like he didn’t matter. So I turned again and reached out my hand to accept his gift. As I did he said, “Thank you.”

In the car, I looked at the simple key ring decorated with strands of brightly colored yarn and I cried that my heart was so unloving. Here I’d been given the opportunity to honor another human being, made in God’s image and deeply love by Him.

With the Lord’s help I will not ignore those I met in Scotland but take the time to show each one the kindness and love of God and to take an interest in them. While I’m there I don’t have errands to do and tasks to accomplish. I am going on this trip to be available to serve and to be the hands of Jesus reaching out.

“Lord, make me a servant, humble and meek. Lord help me lift up those who are weak. And may the prayer of my heart always be, make me a servant of all.”

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Winner!

The votes are in, devotion #2 was the favorite. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

Today I shopped at Target. As always the total totally floored me. So as I walked away from the cash register, I carefully examined my receipt to see how those few items added up to so much. That's when I discovered I'd been under charged. Somehow the cashier had missed scanning in an item. It was about $15.00. I'm ashamed to say my first thought was, "I wish I'd just grabbed my receipt and gone home." Ugh. Sin is such a part of being human (even though I've been forgiven.)
Well, my second thought that came quickly after that ugly one was still not very pure. It was, "I'm leaving on a missions trip in two days, God surely won't bless me if I don't make this right." So I went to the customer service counter and handed the gal my receipt and explained that I owed money. She didn't act a bit surprised, which surprised me. I guess even in being obedient I wasn't pure hearted since I was hoping for at least a 'Why, thank you!' or maybe a joyful dance for the honest customer who didn't have to come back, but did. But there was no fanfare.
She simply took my money, just like that, just like it was the way things were suppose to work. I left with a clear conscience and mixed motives. "Cleanse my heart, O Lord, make it ever true, cleanse my heart O Lord, may I be like You."
Blessings to all.
Please pray for our team of 19 going to Scotland for a week long missions trip, then on to England for a Christian conference.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Devoton #3 (0nly 98 words)

Making decisions is harder than snowboarding the Alps or taking an Algebra test. How do I know if it’s a good decision or the best choice? A poor decision might send me slipping down an icy slope or cause me to fail a critical exam.

What a relief that The Only Wise God absolutely knows best. He sees the outcome of every choice. Plus, He wants to direct me, has a plan for my life and offers me wisdom for making excellent choices. I simply have to risk believing Him and His Words. That’s a fail-proof, life-changing decision.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

100 Words #2

The night Dad moved out he hugged me and promised we’d still see each other. He swore he’d always be there and never forget me.

Every year I hoped for a birthday card. When it didn’t come, I waited for the phone to ring. Once I accused Mom of hiding Dad’s letters and cards so I’d forget him.

God’s not human. He doesn’t lie. If He says it—we can safely sake our very lives on His Words. If we struggle to believe God and what He says, it might be because we trusted someone who didn’t keep their promises.

Monday, July 17, 2006

100 Word Devotions #1

The challenge was to write a devotion in 100 words or less. I wrote three and will post one a day. Let me know which one you think is best!

A guy ran a stop sign and nearly hit me. Thankfully he had some driving ability and turned a sharp 90 degrees to avoid an accident. We sat there stunned for a moment, vehicles parallel, looking into each other’s face. His breaking the law could have caused me some serious discomfort.

God’s laws are like that. When everyone follows them, life flows pretty well, we take turns and are safe. But when His rules are disregarded the results can be devastating. Innocent people may get hurt and we end up spending our energy maneuverings around disasters or recovering from catastrophes.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Grand Kids!

The day of rest means pictures of the grandkids!
Ethne in Grammy's pool, Cameron holding his new baby sister, he says "My baby, my belly," when he wants to hold her, and Ben sleeping while Caleb cries!
Darling little ones. "Thank you Jesus!"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Excessive Questions

I love the Web. It’s a time saver.

I hate the Web. It’s a time waster.

I love ice cream. It’s yummy.

I hate ice cream. It’s fattening.

I love shopping. It’s productive.

I hate shopping. It’s tempting.

Why is there a good and a bad side to every activity under the sun? Maybe it’s because there’s a good and bad side in the Spirit world. The Lord drawing me toward Him and righteousness, the Evil One pulling me toward excess and sin.

There is also a good and a bad side within me. The walk of faith is a fine line between the two. Enjoying the Lord’s bountiful gifts, rejoicing in what He offers, giving thanks for His generous provision—without excess.

How do I use the Web, enjoy food, or shop without excess? At what point does Web surfing sweep me away into dangerous waters that drag me off course? When is eating displeasing to the Lord? Is there a righteous way to shop?

I don’t really know—at least not in the place where my every day choices are made. But, I think living a life that is in balance requires self-control, so that I control myself and am not controlled by impulses, greed or desires which can lead to sin. But, self-control is not about making or keeping external rules, is it? Not about following a list of restraints or only engaging in allowed activities. Because rule keeping does little to discern or purify internal motives.

Food is good. Technology is good. Provisions are good. But they can also be bad, not in themselves, but in me. Internally.

Do you have a way to tell when you’re moving into excess? If so, how do you practice self-control in order to keep activities positive and not destructive? What works for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, July 14, 2006


“do not be haughty (snobbish, high-minded, exclusive), but readily adjust yourself to [people, things] and give yourselves to humble tasks. . .”
Romans 12:16 Amplified Bible

The last several weeks I’ve been helping out with the new grandbaby and her big brother, entertaining out-of-town visitors and basically being busy serving others. While I’ve really enjoyed it, I’m thankful to be back to quieter days and longer hours of sleep.

It’s been a good reminder of the work involved in being a caring parent and gracious hostess. It’s a good reminder that I need to be praying for my children and others I know who are parenting young children. It’s a challenging job, filled with rewards and demands.

I learned to pray when I became a mother. Doing the job with excellence requires unselfishness and that is painful. It’s easy to think of ourselves, our wants our needs, but when the baby is wailing, it doesn’t matter much if you’re exhausted or hungry or even if you need a shower.

Parenthood and marriage are two places that offer us the chance to grow out of self-focus, self-absorption and self-centeredness. These relationships reveal what’s really inside of us. I never really got mad—until I had children. Then, I was stunned by the angry words that gushed out of my mouth. It’s easy to think we’re pretty fine individuals when there are no challenges in our life.

But there is no life without challenges. And if we are seeking to walk by faith the Lord Himself brings us opportunities to learn to be more like Him, on the inside, where it counts. To submit our attitudes to His will.

These last few week, like this verse, have been good reminders that the Lord delights when I give myself to humble tasks and through Him attempt to perform each one with great love.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Morning March

Here is a picture of Craig and I with our daughter, Sara and her two little ones.

Cameron is an early riser and an active playmate. This morning I agreed to march, "One time around," I said in groggy Grammy-fashion. He led the way, pounding the drum with enthusiasm. I followed, tapping the tambourine against the heel of my hand and then against my thigh. He watched and imitated by banging drum sticks on the drum and then against his thigh. We marched and something wonderful happened to me. I began to praise. First I said "Thank you, Jesus," in time with the rhythms and then my heart caught on and I sang as we marched around and around. I even danced in my slippers. Praise is a good way to start the day. Thank you, Cameron for inviting me to march with you.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Baby!

Kayla is here! She and Mommy came home yesterday and the new furniture also arrived. Life is busy here and starts just after six with Cameron waking up. Grammy is thinking two naps a day are needed, but the boy thinks one is enough. I am playing with him, which is my main job. Kayla seems to be a content baby and she is beautiful. Her parents are doing well too. Here she is.