Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Gift

We met with my sister, her family and my brother and his wife to celebrate our father’s 80th birthday. We have not all been together for his birthday in over 30 years—so it was very special.
I was once asked, (it may have been in a psychology class), to write down a saying that I heard my father repeat as I grew up. Here’s mine, “This is America, you can do what you want.”
Dad used to say this when I was a teen and asked his permission to go somewhere or to do something. Dad even repeated this phrase this weekend, so I know he really believes it. I’ve just decided that his often repeated statement is true—but only half-true. Does that make it a lie?
The other half needs to be spoken too. It is: every choice has a consequence. These consequences are either good or bad. It’s totally true that I have free will, and really it is God, not America, that granted each of us this freedom. I think it is a blessing and it is also a curse, because so often what we want to do isn’t good for us. I’m really not questioning God’s wisdom in giving us freewill, I am just evaluating the consequences of having freewill and a sinful nature.
Proverbs 15:32 says, “If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.”
So, if I only do what I want, or feel like doing, like over-eating and not exercising or being lazy, I am rejecting discipline and harming myself. This is hard for me right now. Life is full of challenges with Robert’s illness, Aimee’s due date approaching and the little ones living here. I find myself not even trying or wanting to resist eating all the sweets people are bringing over. But I won’t like the consequences.
For years I’ve struggled to grasp this concept and take it to heart and put into practice. Here is a poem I wrote when my children were young.

God has given me freedom.
I can decide
If I’ll face a challenge
With joy
And conquer it
With faith.

I can choose
Who to follow,
Who to lead,
Who to love.

I can determine
If it’s worth my time,
If you’re worth the trouble—
Of if that’s worth the effort.

I can pick the words I write,
The things I read
The activities I ignore.

I’ve been created with freewill—
the power to choose. . . .
I have chosen Christ.
I have the privilege
To obey.

Love to you all. Sue

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Joy of Water

Grandchildren are the crowing glory of the aged; (Prov. 17:6)

Here is a clip of our crowing glory (these two are part fish)



Sunday, August 02, 2009

Today I'm showing off some of our beautiful grandchildren.
In one, I'm holding Emeline. She and her sister are living here with their mom. From morning to night she narrates her life! "I woke up." "I'm brushing my teeth." "I'm swimming with Ethne."
She has also taken to adding 'pie' after names. She says, "Mommy-pie" whenever she refers to or calls her mom. "Ethne-pie" when she talking of her sister and tonight I even heard a "Grammy-pie" It's so sweet.

The other is a picture of Sara's three children who live in Ky. We saw them recently but already miss them!

We learned at church today that all through our lives and especially in our 'old age' we are to declare the Lord to the next generation. My grandchildren are a focus for me. I want to be sure to be declaring the Lord to each one of them for as many years as the Lord gives me.