Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We've just returned from a fablously fun trip to Kauia where we watched whales leap from the ocean. We enjoyed long walks

along reddish sands -- and a hike to a waterfall with an amazing view. There was the ride in the helicopter without doors and

a kayak trip up a river. Lots of yummy food and time to just relax. We didn't want to leave because it is a place of such beauty.

We even looked at property and dreamed. We really taked about living there, moving there, retiring there but each time we

said, "If we actully move here, we'd be so far from family."

Then we came back home and Aimee picked us up at the airport. Egan was with her but we needed to go and get the

gilrs from pre-school/kindergarten. They threw themselves into our arms procliaming how much they missed us. Then they

thanked us (sincerely) for the simple shell necklaces we brought them. And Egan laughed when he threw his new ball (inside

the van) and Granddad caught it. The girls were full of news and had many stories to tell us. Ethne begged me to tell them a

Fariy story. So explained that there are fairy mermaids (who can swim and fly) who live in the ocean near Kauia. They worked

very hard to gather many tiny beautiful shells and joined them together to form necklaces for two very special girls who live in

Texas where there isn't an ocean. The girls were delighted with the story which added to my joy of being with them again. And

as I sat there looking at them and listening to them As I looked at them and listened a truth rose in my heart. Kauia is beautiful but not as beautiful as these children. They are even more beauitful than Kauia