Monday, June 18, 2007

Josh PhD

Hi Friends,
Today I'm posting the announcements we ran in our local newspaper. It's been fun to run into people around town who say they read them and then congratulate us. What a blessing!

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Ten years ago, Joshua Cameron was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by Franklin High School’s first graduating class. This year he earned his PhD in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame where he’s now employed as a Visiting Professor.

Joshua’s dissertation, “Stall Inception in a High-Speed Axial Compressor,” has gained international attention and helped him to earn the Shaheen Graduate School Award as the outstanding graduate student for the college of Engineering.

His parents, Dr. Craig and Sue Cameron of El Paso, wish to acknowledge God’s faithfulness to their son and Joshua’s diligence in pursuing his dreams. Joshua and his wife, Shauna, daughter of Ron and Debbie Acton of El Paso, live in Granger, Indiana with their two young sons.

Eric & Amy

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The parents of Amy Blevins and Eric Cameron wish to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his blessing of uniting their children in marriage. Out-of-town family and friends witnessed the couple exchange wedding vows at Coronado Baptist Church on April 7, 2007. Then the newlyweds and their guests celebrated during a reception at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing, which included dinner, dancing and a beautifully decorated ice cream cake.

The couple met while travelling with Wycliffe Dinner Theatre. Amy, the daughter of Katie Blevins of Tigard, Oregon and Mike Blevins of Decorah, Iowa, earned a Theatre Degree from Seattle Pacific University. Eric, son of Dr. Craig and Sue Cameron of El Paso, currently works at Jaxon’s restaurant and is pursuing a degree in Film Production at NMSU.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Grand-baby!


The birth of our sixth grandchild!

Emeline Liberty Feuille

June 15, 2007

6 pounds 4 ounces

19 ¾ inches long

We didn’t expect her for about three weeks, but she came anyway. In answer to Aimee’s prayer, her labor was spontaneous and she was able to deliver naturally. Her dad was there to help, in fact to his delight; he delivered his granddaughter into the world at 11:02 AM (between cases at another hospital). Although I rushed to the hospital I missed the actual birth arriving within moments of her first cry! What a little sweetie-pie. Right now I’m calling her “Squeeky,” because she makes a lot of little sqeeky sounds! Aimee, Robert and the girls are living with us for a week or two while Aimee recovers. We love it and are so thankful to the Lord for His generous blessings to us.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tea Picnic and Being Found

Ethne stayed with us this weekend and this morning she awoke early. I asked her if she would like to have a tea party. She got excited and said, “We’ll have a tea picnic?” Here are pictures of her having tea.

Recently, Ethne joined Craig and I at graduation party. She twirled, kicked and hopped around the dance floor. I swung her in circles and sway around a bit myself. Being near a dance floor, in charge of a two-year-old, is lots of fun. No excuses needed for acting childlike if you’re with a youngster.

We ate. Folks sang karaoke, we clapped for them. And from time to time we took the trip to the far side of the building to visit the bathroom. On the way back from one such journey, I turned aside for a moment to get a cup of coffee. Ethne was off to my left as I quickly prepared my drink. The next thing I knew she was rushing back toward the dance area, with a worried look and a little voice, calling, “Grammy!”

I squatted and reached out to her, turning her to face me. “What’s wrong?”

“You lost me!” she replied.

I didn’t. I hadn’t. But this truth had no effect on how my little granddaughter perceived losing sight of me, even though I had sight of her.

Do you ever feel like the Lord has lost sight of you? That He isn’t aware of where you are and maybe doesn’t even care that you’re afraid? Or, have you lost sight of Him? Has the image of His constant love grown dim in your heart?

It’s a good time to turn from where you are and rush into His waiting arms. Cry out. Let Him hold you and whisper truth, “I have engraved you in the palm of my hand.” The mark of you He bears on His wounded hands will never go away. You are always with Him, in His heart and in His sight even when you don’t feel like it’s true.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Listening Well

(Eric and Ethne working on their computers.)

The phone rang. Even though friends and I were in the middle of discussing plans for a women’s Bible study, I rose to answer it.


My husband said, “Never mind I got it.”

He seemed to be talking to someone in the background so I asked, “What?”

“I needed a phone number, but I found it. Remember I’m going to lunch with Pastor today.”

“Yeah. Where are you going?”

“San Francisco . . .”

I almost blurted, “San Francisco? How in the world can you do that? We live in El Paso.” Thankfully I didn’t.

“. . . Oven,” he finished his statement.

I struggle with interrupting my husband with really stupid questions because I jump to conclusions before listening well. If I just allow him to finish his thought and complete his sentences, I usually understand what he’s saying. It’s not a problem in the delivery but in the listening.

I wonder if I do this with God? Think I heard what He was saying without allowing Him to finish and then jump to an incorrect conclusion and so miss the point altogether. “Oh Lord, please put a guard over my mouth and teach me the discipline of silence so that I can hear the all Words you are speaking to my heart. Amen.”