Monday, March 24, 2008

To the young moms

(Here are 4 of our grandchildren, ready to go to church to celebrate that Jesus is alive! From L-R, Emeline, Cameron, Kayla and Ethne)

This is to thank the young moms that I know. Three are extra special, my daughters, Sara and Aimee, and daughter-in-law, Shawna.
I'd forgotten how hard it is to be a good mom of little children, how hard it is to be patient and kind, understanding and just. But Sara and her two little ones are staying here this week and that is helping me to remember. Remember being on-call to the needs of someone younger who doesn't care or understand if you have your own needs.
Then there's the constant feeding of little mouths that only like certain foods on the right type of plates, and tomorrow it won't be the same as it was today. I didn't understand about leaving the peel on the banana so that fingers wouldn't get messy and that was nearly heart-breaking to one little guy that I love. But I can be taught. Now I know how to serve his banana. And just in case I might forget, he is sure to explain it to me, in words that I can grasp, each time he makes his request.
I want to please these little ones. I want to make life easy for them and for their moms. I can help some, but the fact remains that this is not easy. Being a good parent is about the most difficult job ever invented, mainly because it requires unselfishness, doing what's best for others and putting their needs ahead of your own--all of the time--at every hour--day and night.
I love you girls for loving my grandchildren so well. Thank you.
"Lord God, bless these little children and the parents who are raising them. Give them wisdom from your heart to theirs, strength that is supernatural, and most of all, joy in the process. So they can delight in the wonder of these little ones, who they are and who they are becoming. Amen."

Monday, March 10, 2008

To Love and To Cherish

(Here is our little Queen Emeline)

To Love and Cherish

Sue Cameron

One of my favorite memories is being in an Amish farmhouse, surrounded by stacks of beautiful handmade quilts. It was my privilege to choose one to take home to cover our bed. As I drank in the vast array of colors, patterns, textures and designs, I found I just couldn’t decide on which one was the most special, the most lovely, and my very favorite. Seeing my dilemma, and knowing we could buy only one, my husband made the final selection.

When we get married, we have made our final selection. We’ve chosen one person above all the rest. When we place that ring on their finger we’re saying, “You are my favorite, the one I most desire,

I choose you.” And we promise to love and cherish them for the rest of their lives.

The trick is to think about how well we are doing and not to focus on how much we do or don’t feel loved or cherished. Are we showing our mate that we love and cherish them? How do we accomplish this in the day-to-day routine of living?

According to Gary Chapman, in his book, “The Five Love Languages,” there are five basic ways a person gives and receives love. Why not try expressing your love in one of these ways each day for the next five days? Pay close attention to your mate’s reaction.

Day 1: AFFIRMING WORDS. Tell your spouse what you value and appreciate about them. Praise them for who they are and for what they do. Do this in a written note, on the phone and face to face.

Day 2: QUALITY TIME. Put aside everything else and just spend time being with your spouse. Take a walk with them, read a book together, talk to them as they do a task, just take time to be near them.

Day 3: PHYSICAL TOUCH. Try giving your mate a foot rub, head rub or back rub. Touch their shoulder when you pass by, give them a passionate kiss.

Day 4: GIFT GIVING. This doesn’t have to cost much, try a single rose, a favorite candy bar or a meaningful card. Just give an unexpected gift for no reason at all, except that you love and cherish your spouse.

Day 5: ACTS OF SERVICE. Help your spouse with one of ‘their’ jobs or better yet, do it for them without being asked. Wash the dishes or mow the lawn, take out the trash or pay the bills, go out of your way to lighten their load.

Day by day watch how your spouse responds when you show love to them in these various ways. In doing so you will be able to identify what really makes them feel cherished by you. Then, make it your goal to act in this way on a regular basis. When you do you will fulfill your promise to love and cherish them.

Determine, each day, to cherish your spouse and to cover them with your love. And, like a beautiful handmade quilt, your marriage will be a place of warmth, comfort and beauty.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


This is our oldest grandson, Benjamin. Recently he and his mom were talking about what a "really real Christian" was like. As he talked to his mom, he said, "I don't think I really have Jesus in my mind and in my spirit." Shauna then explained to him that he could have Jesus in his mind and spirit by just believing and praying, so they did.

This is very exciting news! We know his child-like faith is precious to the Lord and his prayer is the first step in Ben walking in the ways of the Lord for the rest of his life. It is very good news.

"Lord we thank you for Ben and that he has a heart that is seeking you at an early age. Please give him a great love to for you and for your word. Give him a heart to follow and obey you and to make wise choices. May he always honor you and please you. Give him joy and peace in every situation and teach him about your faithfulness and tender care for him. Thank you that he is the first grandchild to open his young life to you. Please Lord, please, bring all of our grandchildren into personal, lifelong love relationships with you. Amen."