Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Thank you, Grammy."

This is a picture of our grandson, Caleb.

Cheering is natural for me. In High School, I jumped around in a short skirt shouting out practiced routines. As Grammy I pour it out spontaneously in generous quantities whenever the little ones are within earshot. The problem is that there is a great distance between my home and the places where these little people live.
Recently, I got to visit the two boys living in Indiana. While there I observed and commented on all the wonderful things about each one of them. Our grandson, Caleb, noticed that I noticed. This response is so unique and surprised me so much that I can’t stop thinking about it. Each time I’d say, “Good job, climbing,” as he worked his pre-school legs up the ladder of the slide, he’d stop, while still holding on tight, turn his head, look at me with sincere eyes, and say, “Thank you, Grammy.” He did this when I praised him for eating well, showing kindness to others, picking up his toys or obeying.
His simple comment of, “Thank you, Grammy,” was filled with real appreciation and that had an amazing effect on me. Being thanked for encouraging, for loving, for taking notice is—very encouraging and it made me feel loved and noticed. Like a trampoline, all the affirmation I offered him, came right back at me.
It got me wondering about praise and God. How He deserves it, commands it and receives it. When we notice Him and His kindness and say “Thank you,” we are not initiating the process we are simply responding to what He has first offered us. Paying attention to the ways in which He is loving us may help us to respond appropriately and cause us to develop a more thankful heart of praise.
I’ve been testing this theory. Trying to take notice of the innumerable ways the Lord is declaring His love for me each day. On a crisp fall afternoon, when the sky appeared to be using all it’s might to be blue and the air whispered a cooler breath, I noticed and said, “I love You, too.” I awoke on another day, remained in bed for a moment and considered that my heart was beating, and I was surrounded by freely supplied air just waiting for me to breath and that the sun had risen, again. I responded, “I love You, too.” My husband’s embrace and eyes filled with acceptance and delight caused me lift my heart to the One who brought us together and I whispered, “I love You, too.” My husband heard me, thought I was talking to him, and gave me a kiss.
As I’ve noticed and commented on the fact that the Lord is loving me I am aware of how much I love Him too. I want to respond with words of praise and thanksgiving and bounce that love right back at Him. Just like our little Caleb, who stopped what he was doing long enough to appreciate the fact that I appreciated him and say, “Thank you, Grammy.”