Friday, October 22, 2010

Forgiveness Flows Freely

Have you ever felt that your sin was too big for God to forgive? With thoughts like, “there’s no way He can forgive that it’s just too awful”?
Or may be, like me, you’ve felt like you’re always pestering the Lord to forgive a bunch of little things. “Forgive me for wasting time,” “Lord, I’m sorry I got so irritated and short-tempered.”
That’s how I felt this morning when I awoke. Before I climbed out of bed I was already bombarding Jesus with pleas for His forgiveness for innumerable attitudes and actions that formed the fabric of yesterday (and of every day—in varying degrees.)
In the midst of this casual one-way conversation a thought stopped my flow of confession. “I bet the Lord gets tired of all these countless requests for forgiveness. It’s a constant prayer.”
Well, as you know, every thought is also a prayer, at least it is certainly heard and known by the Lord, and what is prayer anyway but talking to Him (and having Him listen) verbally or in our minds and hearts?
So, as He does and as He will, He answered my thought. His reply was something like this: “My blood flowed freely to cover your sin. No one forced me. No one made me. I gave all of my life freely without reserve. I give forgiveness freely. It flows from Me. There is no limit. There are no boundaries. When I give it to you, there isn’t less to give to others. I offer you free and constant forgiveness each time you ask. No sin is frequent, too large or too small.”
Lavish! Like a massive waterfall, His forgiveness flows, rushes, cascades upon our lives and washes away the stains and wounds of our sins. How can we do anything but praise Him with grateful hearts as we splash in the cooling waters of His grace?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here is a short video of a new 'trick' of our grandson!

Today was the first day of a six-week discipleship class which I'm leading. I spent time preparing by reading the great material over and over and praying for unity among us and that God would be with us in a special way.
I stayed up extra late (on my birthday) to bake Pumpkin Cream Cheese bars. Got up early to make Herbal Iced Tea. Pack a big napkins, plates and cups. And, at the last minute, before leaving for church, I searched through my office supplies for name tags and a Sharpie. On the way I stopped to buy a bag of ice.
Once there, I carefully arranged the chairs into a small circle, put out the food and brand new books and adjusted the AC. Then, I waited. No one came.
I thought, I have yummy food, a wonderful study and a open heart but no one to share it with me.
“Lord, is this sort of how you feel when you have prepared something good for me and I don't bother to show up? I just leave you standing at the door—knocking.”
It doesn't take much for me to open the door—usually just the effort of rolling out of bed a few minuets early. He promises to come in and share a meal with me, if I'll open the door. But I'm not even aware that I'm hungry. “Show me my hunger, Lord! Expose my need. Let it gnaw at me like hunger pangs and teach me to respond to your pursuing knock. All you want is time with me.
What's required of me is that I open the door. You do all the rest. The preparation. The coming. The knocking. The waiting. And you even bring the meal for us to share. But too often I leave you standing there knocking and don't bother to show up. Forgive me, Jesus when I say that I love you and want you more than all else but then don't act that way.”

Friday, October 08, 2010

Robert Feuille and his photograhs

Dear Friends,
Please see this wonderful article about the opening of a show featuring Robert and his photographs. Aimee did an outstanding job of explaining the stories behind each shot.

I cried because I miss Robert and I am so proud of Aimee.