Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Emeline loves this food.

Robert and Aimee

This morning I am thinking of our precious ones battling cancer. Strange how it can be silently growing and taking over on the inside and not show on the outside.
Like sin. Each of us is dying, spiritually, because of the sin disease but often we ignore it and try to go on with life as if we're not infected.
Jesus came to take away sin, just like that--take it away. We just have to say, 'Yes, Lord, I want you to take my sin away."
Today, I am saying, "Yes, Lord, I want you to take Robert's cancer away." He might, He might not. I know He has heard my request (and countless others) I know He loves me and them. I know He knows all things and His thoughts and ways are higher than mine. I know I can trust Him with all things, including the paths He takes my children and grandchildren on.
The difference is that cancer has limited power. It can ravage the body but can never touch the spirit and since it is our spirit that lives forever, we need to be certain we have sought and received spiritual healing. That prayer, "forgive my sins,' is always answered 'yes, child.'
For an update, please see: http://robertfuel.com/fight/
And be sure to watch: Sunday with the Family (it is so precious)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never Alone

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Tonight I tucked Ethne and Emeline into their beds, downstairs in Sara's home and climbed up two flights of stairs to my own room. Their, mommy, Aimee, is spending the night in the hospital with their daddy in Indianapolis (along with 3 week old Egan). 
It's hard to have them down there alone, but it is their room for now -- they share it with mommy and Egan all the others days. But on Wednesday, Aimee drives the two hours to be with Robert and then back again on Thursday morning. So, once a week, the girls sleep alone. I'm not too far away and neither is Uncle Mike or aunt Sara. Still-- it was really hard for me to leave them. I didn't want to but I did. I am having to do a lot I don't want to do, because our lives have been interrupted by cancer. 
Well, after putting the girls to bed, I waited a while before going down to  I went see if they were asleep. Ethne was, but Emeline (who had a nap today) was quietly resting in bed.
"Grammy?" she said.
"I want my mommy."
It was such a simple statement. As if she were saying, "This is too hard for me. I'm only two." My heart broke for her. I think her want is legitimate, don't you? 
There are many things I want right now. Like for her mommy to be able to be with her girls and not having to drive two hours to sit with her husband as he gets chemo. For the cancer to be gone and for Robert to be well again. For their family to be in their own home and the girls in their own beds. For this trial to be over. For these grandchildren of ours to have a normal life again.
The only reason I am not going to go down there and sleep in their mommy's bed tonight is because of the words I read this morning. Words I believe. "I can never escape from our Spirit! I can never get away from our presence!" Ps. 139:7. My precious little grand-daughters are not alone. The Lord is with them. He is their shield, their shelter, their defender, their Heavenly Father, watching out for them tonight. And all the rest of us. We are not alone either as we walk through this valley of the shadow of death, He is with us and so we fear no evil.  (Ps. 23)
Please uphold us in your prayers as the Lord brings us to mind, especially the girls. Thanks. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Photo Update

This is just a short update by way of photos.
Aimee gave birth to Egan on Aug. 26.
The next day we took her two girls with us to our Lodge where we met with Craig's siblings to celebrate his parents 60th anniversary.
Came home and the girls met their baby brother.
Please keep their daddy, Robert, in your prayers and he receives treatment for cancer.
Aimee, the kids and I are flying out to Indianapolis next week to see Robert. Then on to Sara's house so Aimee will be near-by during Robert's treatments.
Thanks you for your concern and prayers.