Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Pictures

Wedding pictures. Amy and her dad, Mike Blevins.

Eric and Amy Cameron cutting the ice cream cake (from Cold Stone Creamery.)

Beautiful cake table decorated by Amy's Aunt Sue.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hydrangea Power

If you're a mother you probably remember what it was like to go out in public with your new baby. People stopped you wherever you went. They cooed at the baby and said nice things to you. Most offered congratulatons. Going to the grocery store was transformed into a time of affirmation, when people noticed you and your beautiful baby and complete stangers felt compelled to strike up a conversation.

My youngest turns 21 on Saturday so it’s been a long time since I experienced being popular at the grocery store—until today. I didn’t have one of my beautiful grandchildren with me but I did enter Walmart through the garden section—I did this so I could buy an empty flowerpot for Eric’s birthday. He asked for “Dirt Cake,” a desert using crushed Oreo’s, which resemble dark rich soil. You add high calorie, low nutritional ingredients like Cool Whip, Vanilla Pudding and Gummy Worms in layers. To finish off the deception, you might stick a fake flower into the pot before serving it.

Anyway, I went to look for a flowerpot and on my way I saw some gorgeous Hydrangeas. These are my favourite flower and the decorations in my house proved it. These fabulous flowers called out to me and begged me to take them home. I couldn’t resist and placed them carefully in the front of my shopping basket then headed over to the food section.

That’s when it began to happen. Women everywhere spoke to me, “Are those flowers real?” “What beautiful flowers.” “Jut look at those Hydrangeas!” “I can’t believe the color!”

I must have had six complete strangers talk to me. That hasn’t happened since the baby days. Beauty draws people. God planned it that way, didn’t He? There is a part of us that responds to beauty for He is the Maker and the Source of all things bright and beautiful and there is a place in our soul that was created for Him—for beauty.

So, if you’re feeling lonely just place a beautiful flower in the front of your grocery cart at your local supermarket. You don’t have to buy it, just stroll down the isles and enjoy the conversations, when you’re filled up, you can replace the flower or, if you’re able to spoil yourself, take it home and absorb the joy for days to come.

“Thank You Lord for creating beauty that takes our breath away. Prepare our hearts to see you, Oh Beautiful Eternal Gardener and Friend, Amen.”

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God's Handiwork

We’re back from London, what a great trip! It may seem strange to go all that way and then to choose to post pictures of flowers on my blog. No shots of Big Ben or Buckingham Palace (I do have some). Manmade edifices, even fabulous ones, just can’t compare with God’s handiwork.

I do have a funny story about the day we went to Kew Gardens, that’s where we saw these orange tulips—it’s a wonderful place.

As we prepared to pay to go in we questioned the lady at the ticket window about all the different options. We finally settled on our tickets and to confirm what I asked for she said, “One adult ticket?”

Thinking I was being clever I answered, “Did you ask that because I look so young you thought I might be a child?”

Puzzled she said, “No. We do have senior tickets as well.”

The nasty truth hit me that she was asking not because I looked young but because I didn’t! Oh my, it is so easy to interpret the world through our own viewpoint and so hard to see ourselves as others see us!

Well, now that the wedding is over (and the new marriage is started) and the trip to Europe is accomplished, I hope to be visiting you more often here.

In closing I have a wonderful blessing to share. The prayer CD I worked on (along with three others) are now available. Check it out at “Let’s Pray Today.

Blessings! Sue

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Wedding!

(Cameron and Ethne, Ringbearer and Flowergirl)

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Cameron!

I imagine that many of you pray for your children. I’ve prayed about many things, but foremost are two requests. First, that each child entrusted to us will come to know the Lord Jesus in a fully personal and powerful way. Next, that if the Lord has planned for them to marry, that their mate will be a perfect God-designed match for them and that the two will share great joy in becoming one (for the rest of their lives.)

My heart is so thankful that the Lord has answered these prayers I’ve held up to Him. More than that, I believe He is the very one who planted the desire in my heart to make these two requests in the first place—for He has desired these to be fulfilled in my children’s lives long before He created each one and loaned them to me.

So, now I’ve witnessed our youngest exchanging heartfelt vows with the woman he loves, and she with him. There is something sacred about those words passing out of the heart through sincere lips—“Oh, Lord, give them the strength and determination to faithfully fullfill their promises to each other, day-by-day, year-by-year!”

It will take some time before I feel rested and that our life is back to normal. But great once-in-a-lifetime celebrations are worth all the effort beforehand and recovery time afterwards! We enjoyed all the out-of-town family who came to share our joy and all the new family we’ve gained through this marriage. I used to think that when my children grew up I’d lose them, but the truth is, I’ve gained many new people to love— daughters and son’s-in-law and grandchildren. The blessings just increase and this is wonderful blessing! Maybe now I’ll get back to blogging on a regular basis (although I’m not sure I’ve ever been very regular about blogging).