Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the last day of our ten-day vacation to Alaska, Craig and I finally began to talk about our grandchildren who we’d left behind in El Paso.
“Do you think Egan is walking?”
“I wonder if the girls are having fun at summer camp?”
“Sure hope Aimee’s doing okay on her own.”
We got in very late Sunday night and while Aimee had waited up to greet us, all the little ones were sleeping (thankfully.) We were really excited about seeing them in the morning and also happy to be back to our own bed. Even though a cruise offers a continually rocking motion, nothing compares to the comfort of sleeping in our own waterbed. We went right to sleep.
The sound of a door closing woke me at about 3:30 AM. Then a young voice, full of joy said, “Grammy!” Emeline had made her way downstairs and into my arms. I removed my bulky CPAP mask to kiss her. “Hey, Sweetie I missed you.” Craig reached over for a three-way embrace. I positioned an extra pillow between us.
“Is that for me?” Em asked, sounding pleased.
“Yes. Would you like to stay and cuddle a little while and then go up to your own bed?”
And she did.
I lay awake awhile, feeling so loved by this sweet little girl. Her voice and presence showed me that she had missed me and was glad I was back. The purity of her unconditional love astounded me, and I began to wonder. . . Is this how the Lord feels when I finally come back after being away from Him a long time?
I think every single relationship, where love is expressed without pretense, reflects the love of God. We didn’t come up with the concept of friendship, spousal, or parental (grand-parental) love, He did and He decided to let us in on the delight of it. God is love and so any love we share at with one another starts with Him. He lavishes love upon us and we extend it to others. I am thankful—humbled and thankful—that He is the giver of love and that it pleases Him when His kids love one another.