Wednesday, June 23, 2010

another memory

Within a week or two of Robert going to heaven, while swimming with the girls, Ethne said, "Grammy, Jesus is here with us right now."
I smiled, "Yes, he is." The truth brought me comfort.
"And," she added, "Daddy is with Jesus. That means daddy is right here with us, too."
"That's true! And wonderful. I've never thought of it that way before. Who told you that?"
With a pure and special light in her eyes she said, " Jesus told me."
She swam off but I stayed montionless overwhelmed by the ways the Lord speaks to his children.

Things to remember

I don't want to be guilty of saying, "I need to write that down,"and then never do it. Today I am sitting in a hospital with my dad and his wife, Alice. Sadly, they discovered the reason that her abdomen was so swollen is because of ovarian cancer. This means they have many decisions to make and it means I have time to post to this blog after months of being absent.
We lost our dear Robert to testicular cancer. We lost him but he found eternal life and now knows all the mysteries of heaven and lives in the presence of our indescribable Lord.
I want to record some of the girl's comments.
Just a few evenings before Robert's passing, he and Aimee talked to the girl's about it. Aimee told me that Ethne began to cry and Emeline imitated her.
After a while, Ethne said, "Mom, can I speak to you in private?"
Aimee said, "Yes," and she and both girls went into the walk-in closet.
Five-year-old Ethne asked her mom, "Do you want to talk to me about my inheritance?"
"Well," Aimee answered, "Daddy is young and so there probably won't be an inheritance."
Then Em piped up, "Mommy, don't you want to talk to me about my..."
"Yes I do," Aimee said, "you have a very strong and active imagination."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010